• Participate in new economy

    Contribute and get rewards with your stakes

  • Tokens

    Currently three tokens are available

    Annual yield: 8.4 - 10.06%

    Our Staking Address:


    Node Status(External site)

    Annuel yield: 5.5 - 8.8%

    Our Staking Address:


    Node Status(External site)

    Annuel yeild: 6.25 - 7.0% (Ref)

    Our Staking Account:


    Node Status(External site)

  • Service

    You can delegate your token to our node safely and receive the reward by staking.


    Token purchase

    Choose a token and purchase an amount



    Stake the purchased tokens to our delegate service


    Get rewards

    Rewards can be claimed after specific time period

  • Support

    Please contact us for how-to and questions about the service

    Email support (Inquiries about the service)


    • How to purchase tokens and where to do so ?
    • How to stake the tokens, web, wallet, or from what application ?
    • How to confirm my account and delegation status ?
    • How to claim rewards and confirm the reward status ?
    • How to know my secret key of the account and how to use ?

    Contact us for large inquiry (above 50,000 USD)

    We may provide lower commission fee

  • Company

    We are blockchain total solution company !!

    HashHub, Inc

    Tokyo, Bunkyo City, Hongo, 3 Chome−38−1, Hongo 7F

    HashHub, Inc is the company specialized in blockchain technology to develop products and support investigation, consulting and community comprehensively.